Imagining Qyll Desktop

When Qyll was first created, the idea was for a subscription based service that would establish an online writing tool capable of helping people move past perfectionism and just focus on writing.

The goal is still the same, but the execution has changed a little. The truth is that Qyll isn't really suited for an online subscription model for several reasons and I think the experience would be a lot better with a one time desktop app purchase.

Ultimately, the core functionality of the blind typing will remain accessible for free online, and the options for premium features don't fully justify a monthly payment.

For me personally, I would rather get lifetime access to Qyll for $20 instead of paying $36 dollars a year indefinitely.

Also, just to be honest, the desktop app is a lot simpler to create.

Designing a SaaS (Software as a Service) product is almost like developing two things at once. You have to work on the application that people will be using, but you also have to design everything around what kinds of accounts people have, what they have access to, and what their preferences are.

A free version of Qyll can exist online along with a more robust desktop app for Windows and Mac. This setup is much easier to maintain, and I think overall it will be more attractive to the writing community.

I've already started work on the first version of the desktop app and hope to have something functional soon.

I know no one is reading these yet, but I wish you the best and can't wait to read what you write!